Hi, my name is Gayle Moore, owner of Live Moore.

Live Moore was born out of a passion for wanting to spend more of my time doing the things I enjoy, after spending years in a career that absorbed my time and energy.

I started painting furniture when I was 16, I had moved out of my parents home after my daughter was born, into our first new home, and was given furniture to help set me up. I was lucky and grateful to have any furniture, but naturally, as it had been passed on, none of it matched and some bits had seen better days. Having watched programmes like ‘Changing Rooms’ and already having a keen interest in Art and Design, I started to decorate my new home and repaint the furniture I have been given to match. And that passion for decorating and upcycling furniture has stayed with me since.

From finding old tired pieces of furniture that are on the verge of being thrown out, to seeing the final piece take pride of place in it’s new home, I love the whole transformation process (even the sanding). There has never been more focus than there is now on recycling and reusing products and this is something that is really important to me, why go out and buy a new piece of furniture when you can recreate a unique piece that no one else owns. And best of all, if you change your mind, it can always be upcycled again.

Check out my gallery to see some before and after pictures of the pieces I have hand painted and transformed or get in touch if you have a piece of furniture that needs a bit of TLC and you would like me to personalise to your own taste and décor.

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